It is understandable why realtors would need and want an apparatus for continuing education.  After all, professional development matters for a variety of professions.  Here is why the home you are visiting today to read this Blog Post is different:  The content is not solely developed by realtors.  Leaders from other professions – who rely upon realtors – are major partners.

Why does this matter?  Because we are niche creators.  Our focus is to help real estate professionals to develop special familiarity with the real estate needs and repeat interests of certain industries, and then position yourself or your firm to establish an internal specialization.

Now you know why this home is of greatest importance.  We prioritize which industry we seek to develop a niche around based upon growth and market concerns dominating the country.  Healthcare and light manufacturing are among our current priorities.

The school is available here with dynamic courses, full of professional illustrations and videos.

Together, this online home let’s you take that out-of-the box approach to your career.  All of the updated courses including the one on applicable case law available nationally June 1, 2018.

Its a ride we know you will enjoy.


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